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We want to catch a train to the airport in 2026

Let’s go forward in time to 2026 when planes are landing at Badgerys Creek international airport.

Unfortunately, if current transport infrastructure plans are implemented only people who live along Sydney’s western rail line will be able to get on a train to go to the new airport.

Anybody south of the airport – that’s us here in Macarthur – will have to either drive there or catch a bus.

Fast and frequent bus services are what we have been promised instead of rail.

“Promised’’ being the operative word, of course.

Remembering that Western Sydney Airport will be a giant jobs bonanza for decades, locals won’t just be going to Badgerys Creek to catch a flight or pick up a relative returning from an overseas holiday.

Thousands will also be going to the aerotropolis and the business park for work every day of the week.

It is no idle cliché to suggest that the airport will be a game changer for Sydney’s west and south west.

But unless the Turnbull Government matches Bill Shorten’s commitment to build the entire north south rail line connecting the airport to where people live, only those in the north will really benefit.

And this is unthinkable for us here in Macarthur, where our long suffering residents have endured decades of inadequate train services and clogged up roads trying to get to and from work every day.

We too work and pay our taxes and deserve the same services as everyone else in Sydney.

Our mayors and councils, business chambers and other organisations must unite and speak out in an effort to change the government’s mind on this vital piece of infrastructure.

So far all we have are promises of scoping studies and corridor preservation.

It took more than 40 years to get Badgerys Creek airport up and running, so it’s with some experience that we fear it could be another 40 years before we can catch a train from Leumeah to get to Western Sydney Airport.

A federal election is less than a year away so hopefully it will be the circuit breaker needed to make those in power realise a rail link from Macarthur to Badgerys Creek is an absolute must.

No matter what the cost.

You don’t need an economist to tell you that whatever it costs to build a rail track, its benefits will far outweigh it.









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