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It’s time our leaders showed some leadership on same sex marriage

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has to show some leadership on a plebiscite for same sex marriage.

Buying a house is becoming an impossible dream for most young people.

Poor road and rail infrastructure means our cities are choking to a standstill seven days a week.

We are paying too much in taxes but the country has a huge deficit and is borrowing more than $100 million a day.

Our education standards are in decline when compared to other countries and our health system is straining to cope with huge population growth.

Electricity prices are going through the roof at the same time as there are signs the system would not be able to cope with a sudden spike in demand for power.

The list of major problems just goes on and on.

And what do our politicians do about it?

Nothing, zilch, nada, zero, that’s how much effort they putting into fixing these serious national problems.

Let’s be fair, though: they do talk about these issues in that they acknowledge they exist, but then do nothing about them and offer no solutions.

It’s not the only reason but a major factor why they are not focusing on these problems is because in Canberra the most consuming, most pressing talkfest is about same sex marriage.

Well, we have news for you: here in the heartland, in Western Sydney, same sex marriage would not be in the top five issues of importance.

And here is some more news: most ordinary, hard working Australians are fed up with this issue sucking up all the oxygen from public debate, and thus suffocating any genuine attempts to fix up serious problems such as those listed above.

And the third thing they think about this issue is: we want to have an opportunity to have a say in whether marriage laws are changed.

One thing everyone agrees on is that this thing has to be fixed sooner rather than later.

Turnbull and Shorten need to set aside their political differences and for the good of the country work together in a bipartisan way to bring on a same sex marriage vote as soon as possible.

Let’s have the plebiscite, the follow up in parliament depending on the outcome of the vote, and be done with it.

We have wasted enough time on it already.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten.


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