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Ten years on Beechwood Homes is here for the long haul

Beechwood Homes chief Vic Cavasinni in one of the new display homes at Leppington.

Here for the long haul: Beechwood Homes chief Vic Cavasinni in one of the new display homes at Leppington.

Vic Cavasinni and the Beechwood Homes team are celebrating 10 years since taking over the company in 2008.

In the decade since the new management has been at the helm Beechwood has continued to go from strength to strength, delivering thousands of homes for thousands of families.

When the Cavasinni family officially became the new Beechwood Homes owners in July 2008, they inherited some 250 incomplete homes whose owners were upset and uncertain of the future.

It was a mammoth task to commit to completing all the homes, especially since many suppliers and contractors had to be reassured and put a great deal of faith in the new owners.

“It was important to me to finish those 250-odd homes because they were just that, homes, says Mr Cavasinni.

“We had to get the families in those homes.

“The brand was damaged, but it was still a good brand. Not because of poor workmanship, but more so the previous Beechwood had let them down,” he says.

Prior to the takeover, staff were faced with the uncertain future of the company.

Mr Cavasinni credits their faith, dedication and loyalty in not only helping to get the company through that difficult period but also taking it to new heights and is incredibly grateful.

“I’m eternally grateful to our staff who saw through the damage control and the way they rode the wave with me,’’ he said.

“I’m also thankful to our suppliers and contractors who trusted me and trusted Beechwood and with that our clients got into their homes.”

The Beechwood sales team has been a mainstay of consistency for the company both throughout the transition period and now, a decade later.

Headed by Graeme Forrester as they have been for 30 years, they continue to work day-to-day with clients to ensure their vision of their family home is turned into reality.

Today the company is one of the largest family-owned Australian builders.

Mr Cavasinni is joined by two of his children and several family members who work in the business alongside the dedicated staff members who together make up the Beechwood family.

“At Beechwood our values share with my core values,’’ he says.

“They are not buzzwords, they are simply four Rs that reflect who we are and how we conduct ourselves.

“Our first R is Responsible – we deliver what we promise. Secondly Responsive – we deliver peace of mind. Then there is Respectful – we deliver with pride. And finally Rewarding – it’s all about family,” says Mr Cavasinni.

To mark a decade at the reins, the Beechwood management team has invested a great deal of time into finessing the company’s mission and vision.

It is an important next step in paving the way for the decades ahead.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all Beechwood staff, suppliers and contractor both current and past.

It has been your faith, dedication and loyalty that has lifted Beechwood Homes to where we are today.”

And what is the one thing Vic Cavasinni wants to be a lasting impression of the company he has been at the helm of for a decade?

“We’re here for the long haul. You need to trust us, trust me and we will deliver.”




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