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We the people just get ignored by political parties big and small

Nathaniel Smith

Nathaniel Smith, a member of the right faction of the NSW Liberal Party, won preselection for Wollondilly on Saturday. Mr Smith is a former Kogarah councillor and the son of former NSW Attorney General Greg Smith.

Our political parties are fast becoming a basket case.

Riven by factions and their head offices run by people who have eyes on the prize for themselves, parties – big and small – are failing our democracy.

The Liberal Party’s decision to preselect an outsider, a complete unknown, as its candidate in Wollondilly is as cynical as it gets, but it’s not the first time it has happened – nor will it be the last.

In 2010 the Labor Party dumped a great local member, Chris Hayes, and parachuted in Laurie Ferguson into the federal seat of Werriwa.

Hayes was the innocent bystander, the victim of a factional power play no less cynical than the Libs eight years later down south in Wollondilly.

And going even further back, Labor parachuted Alex Sanchez, a Liverpool powerbroker, into Camden as its candidate in a state election.

There was a hue and cry and Labor lost, but the lesson was never learned.

Having caught up with Labor, the Liberal Party factions now seem more ruthless in using the numbers to get their man installed into a position of power.

There was a time most people entered politics to try to make a difference.

And there are still some good men and women who abide by this noble aspiration.

But they are fewer and fewer and are fast becoming outnumbered by career politicians who merely aspire to share in the rewards on offer.

Just like the big corporations, which now put their workers’ interests last after shareholders and customers, political parties rarely take into consideration what’s good for the people.

But the day will come when the people will finally say, enough is enough, and kick the whole lot of them out of office.

And that day, my friends, is not that far off.






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