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Monster Meals take care of your kids’ healthy lunch packs

Monster Meals

Monster Meals: the latest Macarthur mumpreneur has started a service offering health lunch packs for children.

The latest Macarthur mumpreneur is reaching out to busy local families with a lunch box venture that’s just what the doctor ordered.

Harrington Grove mum of one Connie Sherwin recently launched Monster Meals, a service offering healthy school lunch packs for children.

Mrs Sherwin is at the helm of Monster Meals, while mum of two and chef Belinda Scott is in the kitchen.

They want their convenient and healthy lunch packs to make a difference in the health and wellbeing of local families.

“Being a busy mum and knowing the importance of healthy eating, I wanted to help the community by bringing it to life for others to enjoy,” Mrs Sherwin said. “There’s just never enough hours in the day and I want to help local families by having Monster Meals take care of school lunches,’’ she said.

Monster Meals provide convenient, customisable lunch packs designed to give your little monster the fuel they need for the school day.

Each pack contains little lunch, fruit, big lunch and a snack.

There is also a range of Monster Munchies, which are perfect for snacks on the go for your little champions.

Mrs Sherwin said the inspiration for Monster Meals came from her passion for promoting healthy eating among families.

“I want to encourage children to eat healthy and teach them the importance of nutrition in performance in the classroom, as well as energy for the playground,’’ Ms Sherwin said.

“I want to help people ‘feel good’ by making the right food choices easy for them,” she said.

“Remember the excitement when you were a kid and your mum packed your favourite snack for school? “That’s basically my motivation for creating Monster Meals.

Monster Meals

Harrington Grove mum Connie Sherwin is behind Monster Meals. She is pictured with her son Hunter.

“I love baking and preparing delicious munchies that taste naughty but are totally guilt-free and provide wholesome energy.

“Monster Meals aims to share that with everyone.”

With a 100 percent nut-free policy and a large range of menu options, Mrs Sherwin is confident Monster Meals can provide the perfect, tasty and healthy lunch for all local children.

So how does it work?

Using the simple online ordering system at children can be involved in making healthy food choices from the start, selecting their lunch pack items.

Parents are asked to order a week ahead to allow the team in the kitchen time to prepare the fresh lunch packs ready for the Sunday evening delivery.

Families can choose the 3 day or 5 day lunch pack options and also have the choice to roll over their order for the term.

“Mums and families will love Monster Meals because we provide a convenient service that they can feel good about,” Mrs Sherwin said.

“I’ve been blessed to recently become a mum to young Hunter, and I’m enjoying the crazy journey of parenthood with my husband Ryan.

“For me personally I’m always looking for a balance between work, exercise, diet, family and friends (and sleep!)

“I believe balance is the magic word and it’s always something that I need to work on.

“My ‘must’ is eating well. If I eat right I feel good, when I feel good I’m ready to give to my family and friends and take on the day.

“I live my days a million miles an hour, and so it’s necessary for me to be prepared with my meals.

“There is nothing better than opening the fridge to a nutritious snack to keep me going.

“Hunter’s not one to sit still so if I can grab wholesome meals and snacks on the run I can attempt to keep up with him!”

“We are here to nourish children with our home delivery service as well as looking for opportunities to provide wholesome options to school canteens and sporting grounds.”

For more information, to check out the menu or to place an order, head over to or contact the Monster Meals team via email at



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