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Joe Geia: next stop Campbelltown for Indigenous music man

Joe Geia

Influential Indigenous musician Joe Geia will be performing in Campbellton arts centre this Saturday, October 14.

The man behind the unofficial indigenous national anthem will be performing in Campbelltown this weekend.

Joe Geia is also one of this country’s most important and powerful voices and now he’s on the road again.

He will have a special new triple-CD release in tow as well as introducing songs from his 2016 release, North, South, East & West.

One of his tour dates brings him to Campbelltown and our popular arts centre where he will perform this Saturday, October 14 from 7pm.

In a career spanning over three decades, Joe Geia has become a renowned singer and songwriter, guitarist, didgeridoo player.

He’s also an influential figure in the development of contemporary Indigenous music.

He writes music of bravery and beauty, telling of Aboriginal life in Australia, of the quest for justice and belonging, of history, family and love.

He is widely regarded as a pioneer of contemporary Aboriginal music, first coming to prominence as a member of the influential band, No Fixed Address.

And now his solo career has been captured with a special three-disc compilation that brings together his remarkable solo releases for the first time.

The release includes his classic albums Yil Lull (1988) and Nunga, Koori and A Murri Love (2005) and last year’s North, South, East & West.

“I want to promote change and understanding, melodically and harmoniously,” Joe Geia says.

“While at the same time still sharing the little known aspects of Aboriginal history.”

Geia is perhaps best known for his song and album of the same name “Yil Lull”, regularly described as Australia’s unofficial Indigenous national anthem.

“Yil Lull” has been covered by many of Australia’s best-known recording artists.

Geia has never stopped writing, recording and touring and this current tour is aimed at celebrating the new compilation – which will be available at each show.

“To have all my music together in one set has been something I have been hoping to do for a very long time,” he says.

“And I can’t wait to get out for some more shows playing as much of it as we can.”






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