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24 Hour keeps it simple: every cent raised helps local cancer patients

It wasn’t that long ago when anyone living in the Macarthur region who was diagnosed with cancer would face the added burden of having to travel to the city for treatment.

Those days are gone and most cancer treatments are available in our own backyard.

Not only that, but the Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre has been rated by patients in the Bureau of Health Information survey as the best cancer centre in NSW every year since 2015.

A big reason for that is the contribution made by the remarkable group of people behind 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer Macarthur.

Last year they raised $300,000 and since it started 15 years ago cancer services in Macarthur have received $4.3 million.

All aboard: 24 Hour committee chairman Warren Morrison and vice chairperson and secretary Sue McGarrity with the shiny new cancer patient transport bus at this morning’s launch.

As 24 Hour chairman Warren Morrison said at the launch of the 2019 campaign this morning at the showroom of Clintons in Blaxland Road, every cent raised goes towards cancer therapy and treatment of local people

“Just like a family we have grown, we have lost some of us along the way, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that every last cent we raise goes towards cancer treatment here in Macarthur,’’ he said.

“This is really an amazing contribution considering we’re totally volunteer run.’’

Dr Stephen Della-Fiorentina, the director of the Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre, thanked the 24 Hour committee and the sponsors.

“The money that 24 Hour gives us makes such a difference that today is such a special day, coming here to thank everyone involved,’’ he said.

“Thanks to 24 Hour nobody else has some of the things we have been able to have at Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre.’’

The money from 24 Hour also benefits the Oncology Ward and Paediatric Ambulatory Care Service at Campbelltown and Camden Hospital Palliative Care Service and other areas of need.

And this year a new transport bus has been added, replacing an old one that had ticked over more than 300,000 kilometres picking up cancer patients and then taking them home after treatment.

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