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Warren Morrison: exciting time to be close to the action in Campbelltown

Cr Warren Morrison.

I’s an exciting time to be in Campbelltown and Macarthur, says Cr Warren Morrison.

Councillor Warren Morrison wants the streets, roads and avenues in the new Menangle Park Estate named after the soldiers who were posted there for World War I and II.

At tomorrow night’s Campbelltown Council meeting, Cr Morrison will propose that the council request such names be considered by the developer, the Chinese based Dahau group.

“It’s the least we can do to pay tribute to soldiers who served their country during war,’’ he says.

Cr Morrison, who was first elected to council in September 2016, is glad he agreed to run on the TLC ticket headed by the late Fred Borg.

“You’ve got to be happy to be on the council at the moment because it’s such an exciting time for Campbelltown,’’ he says.

“I’m loving it.

“The good thing is that you’re part of the community and I was always part of the community, it’s just at a higher level.

“You get to know about the massive growth that’s coming, things like the sport centre of excellence, the massive expansion of the hospital, which is going to be amazing for this area.

“The best part is that all the councillors live in the area and really push for the area,’’ Cr Morrison said.

“I think the mayor is doing a good job, and everyone on council gets behind whatever’s going to happen ahead for the betterment of Campbelltown and Macarthur.

There are two things on the way for Campbelltown.

One is the opening of an international airport at Badgerys Creek around the middle of the next decade.

The second is a huge increase in population as a result of the rezoning for housing of large tracts of land at Menangle and Gilead, as well as plans for high rise apartments around the seven local rail stations.

Campbelltown’s current population of just under 160,000 could be double that in 20 years’ time according to some projections.

Cr Morrison is confident that such massive growth will be managed via the provision of the required infrastructure, from roads to hospitals and schools.

“Now we have the City Deal happening, with eight councils involved it will mean we will all have our little pockets of benefits around the Aerotropolis at Western Sydney Airport,’’ he says.

“We see that a lot of money is being spent on roads such as Narellan Road and Northern Road, so the basic road structure will be there as the place grows.

“We’re looking a 300,000 extra people for the region by 2036 so we have to accommodate them not just with schools and transport to get everyone around, but everything else, the housing, the hospitals, sport and recreation, entertainment and retail.

Cr Morrison on September 27, 2016 with the late Fred Borg

Cr Morrison on September 27, 2016 with the late Fred Borg at the first council meeting after being elected.

“The good thing about what’s happening is that this will also draw people to the area, big business will come to the area, which is very exciting really.

“So decisions have to be made, and I think the right people making decisions are there,’’ he says.

Cr Morrison however says that the proposed high density housing along the railway line means better bus services will need to be provided.

“Because of the City deal on rail links to the new airport, bus services will become really important across Macarthur during the transition period,’’ he says.

“And not everyone living in apartments along the rail line will have a car, so they will need buses to get around.

“That’s what these railway corridor housing plans are based on – that you will be within walking distance of everything you need, but I think buses will still be needed to get to certain places two-three kilometres away.

“So council will just keep trying to push the state government to provide more bus services as time goes on and the place grows,’’ he said.

Cr Morrison, a noted big supporter of the Wests Tigers, is also excited about the bid for a South West Sydney A-League soccer club playing out of Campbelltown Sports Stadium.

“We do have some tough competition in trying to get our bid up, but one of our strengths is the location of our stadium at Leumeah,’’ he says.

“And we have a growth area, with lots more people coming here to call Macarthur home.

“I love Macarthur and II think it really would be a great thing for the region to have its own full time elite level footy team.’’

Tomorrow night’s council meeting will also discuss the South Campbelltown Koala Habitat Connectivity Study, which recommends establishing at least three east-west primary natural asset corridors in the Mount Gilead (South Campbelltown) urban release area as well as three fauna and koala overpasses along Appin Road.

Also on the agenda will be a report on the trial of an autism program in the library, suggested by Cr Margaret Chivers.

  • The meeting will start from 6.30pm.






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