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Taking the passwords with us will only mean trouble for the living


Passwords is one thing we can take with us when we croak.

While talking to one of my contacts earlier today, the conversation somehow went from how much the world is changing to online passwords.

The obvious point was made that we have so many of them and it’s a struggle remembering them all, especially the ones which are required once in a blue moon.

But as the man at the other end of the line pointed out, the real crunch will come for all of us when we croak – and take our passwords with us.

It won’t be a problem for the one who croaks, of course, it never is – they’ve well and truly entered the state sometimes known as the big sleep so they’re off the hook.

No, the passwords will be a problem for those left behind, in other words one’s partner.

And despite what happens in the movies, where someone can easily guess what the password of someone else is, that’s not the case any longer.

So, what’s the solution, I hear you say.

Well, don’t look at me, I just wanted an excuse to list the Top 5 of passwords, or maybe it should be the Bottom 5 because we’re looking at the dumb, dumber and dumbest of passwords.

I guess you could make a list of all your passwords, print it out and add it to your will, something like that may work.

So, remember, these are passwords to not use, because the dumbest hacker of all time will work them out in two shakes.

Number 1. billsmith – no, no, no, never ever use your first and last name as a password. Yes, it’s easy to remember but even easier to hack.

Number 2. weststigers. It would take 2 minutes for anyone to find out what footy team you follow.

Number 3. mayone1955. Ah, your birth date and you’ve mixed letters and numbers. How clever. Not.

Number 4. dubbo1955. Place of birth and birth date, good one – for the hackers.

Number 5. Password. Now we’re talking way past dumberest. But some people used it for many years, maybe still do. For goodness sake.






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