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St Patrick’s Day: Irish breakfast goes well with a Guinness

Irish breakfast on St Patrick's Day

Full Irish: as you would be if you enjoyed this delicious looking Irish breakfast on St Patrick’s Day or any other day for that matter.

On Wednesday, fellow called himself Aidan McLaughlin emailed me a press release about today’s St Patrick’s day celebrations at the Mercantile Hotel in the Rocks.

Young Aidan said the entertainment today would include traditional Irish dancers and Irish bands and performers including Blackwater Band, Shaylee Wilde and The Soniks.

And that’s all nice and dandy, but then Aidan suggested that “hundreds of Irish Australians sit down for a traditional Irish breakfast’’ on St Patrick’s day, that is today.

Well, you know, I have been married to an Irish-Scottish lass for nigh on 40 years and she’s never mentioned that there was such a thing as a “traditional Irish breakfast’’.

So I pass this on to Aidan and ask him to tell me what exactly is an Irish breakfast.

And he fired back thus:

“St Patrick’s day allows it to be washed down with a stout!


Thank you, Aidan for that, but after having a few green beers on a St Patrick’s day celebration many moons ago I think we’ll skip the stout.

Like a lot of people I love breakfast, and there’s so many different ones out there.

Happy St Patrick's Day.

Happy St Patrick’s Day.

Here’s my Top 5 breakfasts – Happy St Patrick’s Day.

Number 1. Poached egg and grilled bacon on smashed avocado on toasted sourdough.

Number 2. Baked beans on toast with grated cheese.

Number 3. Giant mushroom with fried egg cooked slowly.

Number 4. Vegemite on toast sprinkled with feta cheese.

Number 5. Muesli with yoghurt – well, I had to include something reasonably healthy in there.





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