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Numbers man leading Christian Democratic Party to polls

Numbers man in charge of Christian Democratic Party.

Numbers man: John Ramsay, an accountant, is leading the Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) in this Saturday’s council elections in Campbelltown.

The Christian Democratic Party ticket for the Campbelltown Council election is led by a local accountant who would like to see extra council auditors.

John Ramsay, who has received a community service award from the Australian Tax Office for his work through the Tax Help program, says that a rates freeze is also part of the election platform of his party.

Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) have drawn position I above the line on the ballot paper for this Saturday’s elections.

Mr Ramsay says the Christian Democratic Party strongly believe that people are meant to be good stewards of the environment.

“My priorities will be focused on low income people and local jobs,’’ he said.

He says his party wants to improve communication between society and community service providers.

“I will aim to look after the residents by listening to their concerns and working with the community to find good solutions,’’ Mr Ramsay said.

He said that if elected, the Christian Democratic Party will also:

Freeze the council rates and appoint extra auditors;

Offer free high speed Wi-Fi in shopping centres and community areas;

Improve public transport and parking.

Mr Ramsay has been living in the Campbelltown area for many years.

“It means that I know the major issues people here are facing and I’m aware of the social challenges which we need to overcome,’’ he said.

“I hope to create more youth based initiatives and services to aid our youth and build better relations with them.

“I would like to look into resurfacing roads in the Campbelltown area as some may be in need for an upgrade,’’ Mr Ramsay said.

His party offers support for programs that help the elderly, mothers and disabled people to live a normal life – including work opportunities to earn a better income.

“I believe, I would be a good councillor but I need the community’s vote and support so we can shake the old system up for a better and stronger sustainable community,’’ Mr Ramsay said.

“My party basically supports the Christian values of  love your neighbour as you love yourself.’’



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