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No need to get cross, it’s just one of life’s little mysteries

It looks like a religious cross, but these two pieces of chipboard were just another rubbish dump last week.

For two-three weeks they were on the footpath along Georges River Road, Kentlyn, outside the council’s quarry compound on Riverview Road.

As this is part of the route during my regular morning walks, I was intrigued when I noticed a couple of days ago that the chipboard pieces were lifted and placed against the metal fence along Georges River Road.

But not just placed in any old way.

Clearly they have been set so they make a cross.

But who would do that, and what is the point?

Did some bible basher go past and thought, hang on, I will make a cross from these two pieces of chipboard so people driving past will think about God and religion?
Maybe we should put it down as another one of life’s little mysteries.

But only for walkers, like myself.

It’s true that when you walk you will notice more details about your surroundings than if you drive everywhere.

Which is not necessarily a good thing.

Sometimes you see the things humans do you’d wished you hadn’t seen.

Bu you also see things that make you laugh, so it’s not all bad.

And then you see something like this chipboard cross and it’s a total mystery.

Here’s the Top 5 interesting things you may see when you go for a walk around your neighbourhood:

Number 1. On Thursday mornings you panic because someone has put out the garden waste bin for the garbos and you thought it was recycling week. When you check out everyone else you realise you were right and one of the neighbours has stuffed up.

Number 2. Passing motorists say hello by beeping their horns, but because of the tinted windows you have no idea who they are. Smile and wave back anyway.

Number 3. The woman who goes for a run with three dogs and who spends much of her time trying to get her canines to go in the same direction she’s going.

Number 4. Roadkill. Kangaroos, rabbits, lizards, etc. Not a pretty sight.

Number 5. Rubbish dumps, from plaster to mattresses and from baby strollers to old TVs, there’s always something new every morning.




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