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Looking after our health focus of new report

The provision of the right care to the growing outer south west Sydney community is at the core of an in-depth analysis of the region’s health needs now and into the future.

The South West Sydney: Our Health report is a detailed picture of the health status of our community.

It was developed in partnership between the South Western Sydney Primary Health Network (SWSPHN) and South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD).

It will be used as a blueprint to guide the investment and focus of resources in the  region.

Health partnership: SWSLHD chair Sam Haddad, SWSPHN CEO Keith McDonald, SWSLHD chief executive Amanda Larkin and SWSPHN chair Matthew Gray come together to launch the South West Sydney – Our Health report.

SWSPHN chief executive officer, Dr Keith McDonald, said the extensive information contained within the report would assist both organisations and the broader community in developing facilities and services to meet the needs of our community as it grows and changes.

“The document has confirmed what we already know about our population – it’s both booming and ageing,” he said.

“By 2031, South Western Sydney’s population will reach 1.3 million people, an increase of more than 300,000 from 2016.

“As our community grows and changes, our planning and co-design of evidence-based health services to meet needs must also adapt to these changes.”

SWSLHD chief executive Amanda Larkin said preventing and treating chronic disease remained a priority, with cancer the biggest killer in the region.

Fewer new cases of cancer are being diagnosed but there are more deaths from the disease.

“We’re increasing our use of robotic surgery, the cyclotron is identifying tumours in the early stages and our MRI-Linac partnership with Ingham Institute of Applied Medical Research is a world wide ground-breaking project helping to guide more precise cancer treatment,” she said.

Ms Larkin welcomed a 56 per cent reduction in the rate of deaths from heart disease in South Western Sydney since 2001-2002.

“We are continuing our fight against heart disease through our three cardiac catheterisation laboratories that opened in recent years and our many dedicated health and diabetes programs at a grassroots level,” she said.

“We are already delivering the right care, but having this document rich with data allows us to plan for the future.”

Ms Larkin said the $2.7 billion committed to the redevelopment of our hospitals would also help pave the way for new and innovative models of care across all clinical areas.

The report provides the PHN and LHD with granular detail which can be built on to develop evidence-based services that will best meet the needs of our community both now and into the future.

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