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Labor to slash train fares to airport if it wins government

Campbelltown MP Greg Warren says if Labor wins the state election on March 23 next year it will slash the cost of a train trip to Sydney airport by almost half.

Labor will enter into negotiations with the airport rail operator to reduce the airport access fee from its current level of $14.30 to just $5.

The change would reduce the cost of a trip from Campbelltown to the airport from $19.03 to under $10 for an adult passenger and just over $7 for concession Opal card holders.

Mr Warren said that Labor would also scrap the station access fee altogether for the 31,000 people who work at Sydney Airport and who currently pay as much as $29 per week in access fees on top of their Opal fares, just to get to and from work.

Mr Warren said getting to and from the airport on a train had become an extremely expensive exercise and this change would make a massive difference to those jetting off from Sydney.

 “When you combine the cost of a plane ticket and a train fare to the airport, flying becomes an exercise that many people simply can’t afford,’’ he said.

“At the moment Campbelltown commuters pay almost $20 each way to travel to the airport.

“When you consider the substandard and predictably unreliable train service that Campbelltown residents are currently forced to endure, that exorbitant cost just doesn’t make sense or seem fair.

“This Liberal state government has allowed the cost of living for NSW residents to spiral out of control under their watch.

“However, Labor is committed to making life easier for NSW residents.

“Reducing the airport access fee is one small change that will make an enormous difference.”


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