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Intermodal: Commission to hear residents’ concerns before making a decision

The indefatigable John Anderson, for many years the president of Residents Against Intermodal Development – RAID – has been busy spreading the word about next week’s important public meeting on the Moorebank intermodal.

He says there will be eight speakers at the meeting called by the Independent Planning Commission NSW.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has now completed its evaluation of the Moorebank Intermodal West Concept Plan and Stage 1 modifications and Precinct West Stage 2 and has referred it to the Planning Commission for determination.

The three member panel appointed by the chair of the Commission, Professor Mary O’Kane, to determine this state significant development application comprises Dianne Leeson (panel chair), Alan Coutts and John Hann.

The Commission says that “because there’s been so much interest in this proposal, we’re holding a public meeting to listen carefully to the community’s views.

“This is your last chance to comment on the Department’s assessment report before our independent experts make a final decision.’’

John Anderson, who is pictured below, agrees, saying there are several critical issues the Commission needs to hear about before it makes a determination.

“The pollution from the diesel locomotives and heavy vehicles to and from the intermodal is a big area of concern,’’ he says.

“Local traffic levels are already enormous and with the population of the outer South West Sydney region set to double in the next 20 years road upgrades will be insufficient to cope with that growth.

“Noise will also become a big issue; at Port Botany noise from container movements is heard in a three kilometre area.

“Only a small portion of cargo to the Moorebank Intermodal will be for going to this area,” Mr Anderson said.

The meeting will be held at Brighton Lakes Golf Club, next Tuesday, June 18 from 10.30am.

Residents who cannot make the meeting can lodge written submissions for one week after the public meeting and email them to

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