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Some highlights from a long year that went too quickly

Macarthur Night Markets at Mawson Park

A highlight: Macarthur Night Markets at Mawson Park were one of the success stories of the year.

With 2017 about to expire, it’s instructive to look back at another hectic year.

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, where’s the year gone, I would be able to retire.

Which means the past 12 months are a bit of a blur, especially at the pointy, tired end of it all.

Thinking about some of the news highlights, it was tempting to include our own survival but thought better of it, lest it’s seen as a dig at the continuing downward spiral of print media.

It would be nice to highlight something from Camden, but it’s a bit hard when they still have the same mayor after almost six years.

At least Liverpool can boast that it snared the office of the newly established Western Sydney Airport Co.

♦ Here’s some of the Top 5 news events from 2017:

Number 1. In 2017 enough happened for even the biggest cynics to start believing that in six or seven short years we will be on a plane taking off or landing at Western Sydney Airport, Badgerys Creek. I think it is exciting to think that we will drive west, not east, to get to the airport. What a game changer it’s going to be, folks.

Number 2. Campbelltown Council’s bold bid for an A-League franchise was, well, bold. It was interesting that on our social media pages a lot of the comments we received were from people in other places, such as Wollongong, who claimed they deserved their own elite soccer team before us. C’mon, Macarthur FC!

Number 3. The introduction of night markets in Mawson Park has been a substantial success and it’s good to see council now intends to go down the permanent route. The great quality of the street food has been the difference, courtesy of Eat Shop Love, the operator of the markets, which have also provided a nice spin off for Queen Street every fortnight.

Number 4.  The first ever twilight Festival of Fisher’s Ghost parade was a good move and they should persist with it. It will attract bigger and better entries next year and that will eventually bring the big crowds back.

Number 5. In an age when everything is disposable, including the news, it is good to celebrate a milestone like the 30 years of service on council by Meg Oates. Congratulations, deputy mayor.

twilight parade for Fisher's Ghost festival.

The first ever twilight parade for Fisher’s Ghost festival.

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