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What about our green spaces, premier, asks local MP

MP Anoulack Chanthivong wants to know what Premier Gladys Berejiklian will do to save our green spaces.

What about us: MP Anoulack Chanthivong wants to know what Premier Gladys Berejiklian will do to save our green spaces.

A local MP says he would be happy to show NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian around his electorate to see first hand the iconic green spaces before they disappeared for good.

“I’ve long been fighting alongside my community to save our much loved Scenic Hills and Hurlstone Farm from development – development that this Liberal Government has given a green light at every available opportunity,’’ says the Member for Macquarie Fields, Anoulack Chanthivong.

“So when this Government talks about protecting green spaces I – like many others in my community – can’t help but roll my eyes. It’s complete hogwash.

“What about our green spaces, Premier?

“Will the Berejiklian Liberal Government save our Scenic Hills from a cemetery proposal that is set to destroy this vital green open space corridor – our ‘green lungs’?

“The government threw a lifeline to Penrith residents and saved Mulgoa. Will it do the same for us?

“Will the Berejiklian Liberal Government reverse its appalling decision to sell off the century-old Hurlstone Farm at Glenfield as part of a greedy land grab?

“No preservation of green space here – just more tar, concrete and congestion.

“Not only is this Liberal Government set to rob us of our vital green open spaces, they are also set to unleash high rise monstrosities around every train station from Glenfield to Macarthur,’’ Mr Chanthivong said.

The MP said he wanted to know why when this government talks about liveability and access to green open spaces it only applied to certain areas of Sydney.

He says the Premier’s announcements last week regarding green space and trees was merely lip service and a complete contradiction when compared with the Liberal Government’s track record in South West Sydney.

“They want to maintain their suburbs’ character and they want to enjoy green open space now and into the future.

“But instead of talk and false hope we need action, and instead of contradictions we need consistency.

“And Premier, we want you to know that our green spaces matter too.

“If they truly matter to you, perhaps you should visit the electorate before it’s too late and they’re gone forever.

“But I won’t hold my breath.”

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