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Graduate nurses choosing to work locally for good reason

Second year graduate midwife, Hannah Murray

Giving back at Campbelltown Hospital: second year graduate midwife, Hannah Murray, says she has found working in the District to be very professionally fulfilling.

Hannah Murray is one of more than 270 new nurses and midwives who have just started their careers at South Western Sydney Local Health District.

A second year graduate midwife, Ms Murray, said she had found working in the District to be very professionally fulfilling.

“I came to Campbelltown as a student midwife with the intention of doing my training and then moving on to work in a tertiary hospital,” she said.

“But I found the support and mentorship from the staff to be outstanding, especially as a junior midwife.

“I was keen to stay and give back to Campbelltown a bit because they had supported me so much.”

Ms Murray now works in Midwifery Group Practice at Campbelltown Hospital and says the District is wonderful for young nurses and midwives to work.

“The opportunities available are a real draw,” she said.

Ms Murray is among 18 midwives who are part of the latest recruits to South Western Sydney Local Health District and which included 256 nurses.

So far this year more than 2,400 graduate nurses and midwives have started their careers this year at hospitals across the District, which is a record figure.

District director of nursing Sonia Marshall says the new graduates have come to one of the most progressive and innovative areas in the state.

“Not only will they be exposed to a wide variety of services and experiences, they will also have the opportunity to get involved in some of the District’s cutting edge treatments and research as they continue their careers.”

Ms Marshall said the District’s strong research and technology focus, combined with its commitment to delivering safe and quality care for the community, was an attraction for new graduates.

“Our hospitals are busy and are focused on finding the best, most efficient way to deliver safe, quality health care,” she said.

“Our new nurses and midwives have so much potential and we look forward to seeing how they are able to make a positive contribution to the lives of their patients,” Ms Marshall said.

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