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Getting better with age: Cr Lake spots missing council reports

Cr Paul Lake.

Spotted missing reports from business paper: Cr Paul Lake.

Not much gets past the eagle eyes of veteran Campbelltown councillor Paul Lake.

At last night’s council meeting, the former mayor gently pointed out to the staff responsible for putting the agenda together that some reports requested by councillors had gone missing in action.

Mick Sewell, who was acting general manager after Lindy Deitz left early to attend another meeting, promised to ensure it wouldn’t happen in the future.

Reports requested by councillors are listed in the agenda with notes about who requested them, when they were first made and proposed completion dates.

For example, Cr Lake on December 13, 2016 asked for a report “investigating the use of drones with heat detecting cameras to track and monitor koala movements’’.

The notes in the most recent business paper, dated April 10, say it will be completed in May 2018.

That one, by the way, wasn’t one of the reports missing in action mentioned by Cr Lake.

“I am just getting better with age,” quipped Cr Lake.


Coach Ivan Cleary is doing some nice work at Wests Tigers, but did you know that during the very important pre season last October, his first with the club, the quietly spoken mentor donated a kidney to his brother without missing a training day.


“The month started with a social function aptly named Sausages at Sunset,’’ writes Ingleburn Rotary el supremo Drew Percival in the group’s most recent newsletter.

“A dozen of us met at the Rotary barbecue and picnic shelter in Milton Park,’’ he goes on.

“A great facility and I recommend to all readers to get down there to enjoy the facilities and to also admire the war memorial.

“Everything was going well until three of our members, no names mentioned, attempted to ignite the electric barbecues but without success.

“We adjourned to the hospitality of [former president] Bill and Christine Salter at their home and their barbecue was working.’’

Could this be a new joke line now, Drew: How many Rotarians does it take to start a barbie?


Not long to go for this year’s Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation annual charity golf day set for May 11 at Macquarie Links International Golf Club.

Perennial supporter Bradcorp will be the main sponsor, while Wakeling Automotive will be hole in one sponsor.

To register and support this wonderful Macarthur charity please contact Ellen on 4655 5022 or email


There were some rumours young Campbelltown councillor Ben Moroney had fallen out with the Greens following a media spat with the national party leader, Richard Di Natale, in January.

One of the craziest theories was that he had joined the Communist Party of Australia, but he laughed uproariously when the Voice asked him about it in a recent interview, which went like this:

Q The Greens – you’ve left them, true or false? A. Not true, still a member of the Greens.

Q. Have you joined the Communist Party? A. No, I actually wouldn’t be allowed under the Greens’ rules.

Q. How are you going with Richard [Di Natale] – are you talking to him? A. No, actually, I said I answer to the Macarthur Greens and that is true. It’s how it works, no one in the Greens at state or federal level can tell me what to do. My accountability rests solely with the local group, the Macarthur Greens.

So there you have it, all you conspiracy theorists out there, all three of you.


Small world story alert – especially for my former Fairfax colleagues.

John Angilley

They may be interested to hear I recently bumped into John Angilley, the man some company staff dubbed “the executioner’’ during Fairfax’s “restructuring’’ era, which may not be over yet.

Enjoying some wonderful Chinese cuisine at Minto’s Chan’s Teahouse Chinese Restaurant with family and friends, one of my companions, another former Fairfax colleague kicked me under the table and whispered, “look who’s just walked in’’.

Personally I had found working with Angilley a pleasure despite the unpleasant role the company handed him the last few years.

So I had no hesitation in walking up to his table at the back of the popular restaurant and saying hello.

I couldn’t resist informing him of a Facebook post when he left Fairfax recently that said: The executioner’s been executed.

John just laughed, we shook hands and promised to catch up in Camden, where he lives in a rural property.


And while on my former employers and colleagues, I also bumped into features editor Amber de Nardi, while she was celebrating a birthday at the Hermitage restaurant.

One of the nicest people I met during my 23 years there, Amber also took the redundancy offer and has set up a bed and breakfast near Camden town, called Camden Hillview.






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