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Get ready to rock – Fishers Gig turns 21

The Fat Controllers are vying for a spot in Fisher's Gig

Local band The Fat Controllers are vying for a spot in Fisher’s Gig 21st “birthday bash.”

Fisher’s Gig turns 21 this year and what’s a coming-of-age party without great music.

The Fisher’s Gig heats will be held on Saturday, July 28 at Greg Percival Community Centre, Ingleburn, with 10 acts vying for a spot at Campbelltown’s party of the year – Fisher’s Gig.

Members of the community can buy tickets to the all ages event and help decide the acts that will go on to perform at Fisher’s Gig on Saturday, November 3.

Fisher’s Gig is part of the annual Festival of Fisher’s Ghost and provides a platform for young performers, aged 12 to 24, to display their talent to a vast audience.

It also gives participants an opportunity for professional development that comes with the experience of taking part in a large, live event.

Fisher’s Gig had humble beginnings in 1998 as a band competition and has since grown into an award-winning music festival.

The line-up for the heats includes: Brunette Drive, As We Fall, Gravity Stone, Helios, The 902, The Winter Effect, Carly Mozsny, Icepak, The Fat Controllers, and The Interflow.

The audience and a panel of judges at the heats will decide which performers go on to perform in Fisher’s Gig at Bradbury Park.

Gravity Stone

Gravity Stone is also in the line up for the July 28 heats.

Mayor of Campbelltown, Cr George Brticevic, encouraged the community to make the most of the opportunity to hear and support talented young musicians live on stage.

“I am constantly amazed by the depth of musical talent among the young people of our community,” he said.

“Fisher’s Gig is a great way to support these young people as they attempt to establish careers in the music industry.”

Pre-sale tickets cost $10 and can be purchased from Campbelltown Civic Centre, or directly from the performers.

Tickets will also be available for purchase at the door on the night for $12, unless sold out prior.

Fisher’s Gig Heats will be held from 5.30pm to 10.30pm (doors open at 5pm) at Greg Percival Community Centre, located on the corner of Oxford and Cumberland Roads, Ingleburn. It’s a five minute walk from Ingleburn station.


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