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Fox attack: landholders to join forces in new strategy

Local landholders in the Macarthur region will be given pest control lessons in a community wide approach to reduce the damage caused by foxes on native wildlife and stock.

Fox numbers are growing around the region, with regular sightings reported on social media and other communication platforms.

A public meeting and workshop to be held at Wedderburn tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5, will outline the fox control campaign to local residents as part of a new strategy rolling out across the region’s three local government areas.

The campaign is being supported by Campbelltown Council in conjunction with Wedderburn landholders, Barragal Landcare Group and other regional bodies, and is targeting sites in Wedderburn, Menangle, Picton and Camden.

 “Coordinated control campaigns over a larger area are the most effective way to reduce pest numbers,” says  Mayor George Brticevic.

“This is about taking a community wide approach to fox management which includes training for approved and effective control measures,” Cr Brticevic said.

Foxes pose a serious threat to native vegetation, domestic pets and livestock, causing more than $227 million damage a year in Australia.

The project aims to upskill residents and landholders in coordinated fox management.

It will include training in the use of cage traps, options for control and current impacts on wildlife and livestock in the area.

The meeting of the Wedderburn Fox Control Group (WFCG) will be held from 6pm to 8pm on Tuesday, March 5, at the Wedderburn Christian Camp, 208 Minerva Road, Wedderburn.

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