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Forget dual citizenship: chuck them out for having meddling mothers

The big house in Canberra.

The big house in Canberra.

What does the dual citizenship fiasco tells us about some of our politicians?

Maybe that they are second rate, dumb and dumber?

Nah, we already knew that.

That so many of them have gone into parliament without checking their citizenship status or the Australian Constitution?

We probably already suspected that as well.

That they take us for granted?

Yep, knew that ages ago.

That the gravy train in Canberra is a strong and alluring temptress and few can resist its siren song.

Well, of course, we’re the Lucky Country for some, s what else is new under the sun.

However, in many ways chucking them out of parliament on the basis of dual citizenship seems a bit harsh.

And in any case, the way things are going the only people left who would be eligible to sit in parliament would be our Indigenous brothers and sisters. Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but that’s another story.

But with all that in mind, it’s time we developed a new test pollies must pass or it’s goodbye to all those juicy perks in Canberra.

A kind of Top 5 of eligibility criteria MPs must meet to hold on to office and all the good things that position comes with. This is my personal one, readers are encouraged to come up with their own if they like.

Number 1. Mothers who don’t meddle in their children’s citizenship affairs.

Number 2. Belong to a political party that takes being elected seriously [memo the Greens].

Number 3. A minimum IQ level of 50, so only idiots and up allowed into parliament. If we made it any higher it may be hard to fill all the spots.

Number 4. Sit for and pass the new university level citizenship test being proposed.

Number 5. Be able to say sorry when they stuff up and tell the truth from time to time.




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