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Five good reasons for preserving links with the past

Heritage buildings in Queen Street, opposite Campbelltown Mall

Wonderful links to the past: Imagine if these heritage buildings in Queen Street, opposite Campbelltown Mall, were demolished.

If Campbelltown Council goes ahead tonight and approves plans to demolish the historic little St James Anglican church at Kent Street, Minto it will confirm once again our indifference to the past.

It may not be the most elegantly designed church of all time but it is the oldest standing structure in Minto, and that should be enough reason to preserve this link with our local history.

Campbelltown is no island, but it tore down many heritage buildings, especially along Queen Street, in the 1960s, 70 and 80s.

This was a time when we just didn’t appreciate the significance of heritage.

But that was then and this is now and these days we do know how important it is to preserve items of historical value.

We all have favourite old building around our region, and here’s our Top 5:

Number 1. We just got lucky probably so thank God these lovely Georgian buildings across from Campbelltown Mall were spared the wrecking ball.

Number 2. Glenalvon in Lithgow Street. It’s hard to appreciate its beauty from the outside but it’s a little gem nonetheless.

Number 3. St Peter’s Anglican Church in Cordeaux Street, atop the rise in Mawson Park.

Number 4. Macquarie Fields House, where the first premier of NSW stayed.

Number 5. Denfield along Appin Road. My personal favourite because I can pop in anytime and have a cold beer with its occupant, legal eagle Patrick Duffy, pictured below. You can still see what brilliant 360 degree views it would have enjoyed when first built.


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