Cup is time to have fun to the Max


The Scottish horse Nakeeta is running in the 2017 Melbourne Cup.

We could not let the so called race that stops a nation go by without naming our Top 5 choices to do well in 2017.

But let’s get the disclaimers out early on barrier one: we are the world’s worst punters and any horse we mention is not in any way a recommendation for you to put real money on it.

The last time our Melbourne Cup horse came in was in the late 60s – 1960s not 1860s you smartypants up the back – when Rain Lover won two years in a row.

Even office sweeps have passed us by without a placing, let alone a win.

But it is a funny event the Melbourne Cup.

Funny because millions of people who don’t even know how to fill in a betting slip get the one person in the office to do it for them.

I have seen that person many years and by the time the big race comes on he’s not a happy chappy.

No wonder – every man and his dog have been asking this expert punter for their help to gamble just this once.

Anyway, enough of the preambles, let’s pick our Top 5 for the 2017 Melbourne Cup.

Number 1. Nakeeta, it’s a Scottish horse, I’m married to a Scottish woman.

Number 2. Libran, because someone in the family was born under the Libra sign

Number 3. Max Dynamite. A new son in law just came into the family and you guessed it, his name is Max.

Number 4. Ventura Storm, just because I like the name.

Number 5. Wall of Fire. I confused this with the name of a movie, Man on Fire, but hey, this is once a year fun so who cares.








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