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Let’s vote for older people working past pension date

A friend of mine lied about his age to get what turned out to be his last job about 25 years ago. In his early sixties at the time, he told his prospective employer he was still in his 50s. He not only got the job but he excelled at it so much he received many bonuses. I met a couple of his bosses and in conversation they told me how much they were impressed by my friend’s skills and energy in performing his job. My friend finally called it quits when he reached the ripe old age of 70,… Read more »

The parade that stops our town

The parade that stops our town

A spoof logo of this year’s Fisher’s Ghost festival doing the rounds landed in the messages box of my phone yesterday. It was mildly amusing but we won’t be publishing it here because it does not deserve to be exposed to a wider audience. But enough of this silliness and back to the festival that puts Campbelltown on the map every November. Every year the big feature of the festival is the colourful parade down Queen Street. It’s more than a parade, really – it’s the day we also meet and greet other fellow residents and friends who live on… Read more »

Just don’t know anyone who would kill for veggies

Just don’t know anyone who would kill for veggies

Asparagus, broccoli, carrots, dill, eggplant, green beans, leeks, onions, potatoes, rhubarb, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini. There you go, there’s an edible plant for just about every letter of the alphabet. Not that it makes it any easier to eat some of them – OK, you’re right, any of them. Most humans seem to have an aversion to veggies, and as far as I know nobody’s explained why that is. Experts however have been telling us for years that eating several vegetables every day is vital for long term good health. Unfortunately hardly nobody’s home when these experts speak. And, lamentably, it’s… Read more »

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It’s a merger at first, but the takeover is not far off

The merger of Channel Nine with Fairfax Media announced this morning has lit up Twitter and other social media sites. Mostly it’s Fairfax print journos worrying about their future, and who could blame them. It is ironic they’ve expressed their frustrations on social media platforms – one of the mainRead more »


Welcome to the age of infinite irritations

Other than your winter electricity bill what else would you like to see the back off? We could probably list 50 things that give us the heebie-jeebies. Which would make us a world class whinger or simply a savvy modern consumer, depending on your point of view. The thing isRead more »

no bull.

Really love what we do, and that’s no bull

Maybe it’s the stories and functions we’ve covered so far in March, but we’ve heard a lot about steering the young people of Macarthur towards trades and away from university degrees. When you think about it there’s a persuasive argument behind it, a certain logic in overturning this idea thatRead more »

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