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Fingers crossed the Lucky Country is back on track after 10 ordinary years

Fingers crossed the Lucky Country is back on track after 10 ordinary years

So, my fellow quiet Australians, it looks like Scott Morrison, barring any unforeseen accidents, will be the first PM to go the distance since John Howard. And I think we should give thanks for that, because the last 10 years we have looked more like a banana republic than the powerhouse country everyone wants to live in. Our population is now more than 25 million and growing, despite efforts to slow down the pace of new arrivals. But it hasn’t just been the prime ministerial revolving door that’s dented our international reputation; we have also indulged in bit of first… Read more »

Let’s get serious about saving water: shower every second day

Let’s get serious about saving water: shower every second day

Cataract Dam is currently at 28.6 percent capacity. It is disappointing and even sad to hear that people in the country are getting gouged when buying water. The effects of the drought are bad enough without having to pay through the nose for such a basic commodity as water. By comparison, the level one water restrictions in the Sydney metropolitan area are a kick up the backside with a feather. Sure, soon we will all pay a little more when the desalination plant kicks into operation, but that’s nothing compared to what our brothers and sisters and their families in… Read more »

Here’s why Bill’s bus crashed and burned on Saturday

Here’s why Bill’s bus crashed and burned on Saturday

The last three days all the spotlight has been on the potential new leadership of the Australian Labor Party. I say “all’’ because in the three days after Saturday’s debacle all the chatter was about why the ALP lost the unlosable election. So three cheers for Anthony Albanese, Chris Bowen and someone called Jim Chalmers for relieving the pressure on Bill Shorten and the party. Indeed poor old Chris went to a lot of trouble to announce his candidacy, in front of the old family fibro house in Smithfield. But just 24 hours later, give or take, he fronts the… Read more »

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The "Usain Bolt match'' at Campbelltown Sports Stadium last week.

Macarthur FC almost certain to become a reality

Yes, yes, our bid for an A-League licence is not over the line yet. But so many factors point to only one result: Macarthur and outer South West Sydney having their very own professional football team in the national soccer competition. Listening closely to the utterances of Football Federation AustraliaRead more »


Spring is almost here and what joy it brings

The really good news is that winter will officially end this Friday and spring will take over a day later, on Saturday, September 1. But the really excellent news is that the change of seasons also means the arrival of a stack of indoor and outdoor events and attractions aroundRead more »


It’s a merger at first, but the takeover is not far off

The merger of Channel Nine with Fairfax Media announced this morning has lit up Twitter and other social media sites. Mostly it’s Fairfax print journos worrying about their future, and who could blame them. It is ironic they’ve expressed their frustrations on social media platforms – one of the mainRead more »


Welcome to the age of infinite irritations

Other than your winter electricity bill what else would you like to see the back off? We could probably list 50 things that give us the heebie-jeebies. Which would make us a world class whinger or simply a savvy modern consumer, depending on your point of view. The thing isRead more »

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