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Every picture tells a story – but some better than others

Every picture tells a story – but some better than others

A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, I am pretty certain whoever coined the above phrase meant not every picture, just the really good ones; the ones that grabbed the viewer by the scruff of the neck and demanded: look at me! Since I was trained mostly to write news stories, my photography education was virtually non existent. But I was fortunate enough to work in an era when news photography was at its best, even when it made the transition from black and white to colour. I find it quite amazing, really, that there were so many great… Read more »

Campbelltown Billabong makes our list, but will it be in yours?

Campbelltown Billabong makes our list, but will it be in yours?

After driving for almost five hours what a joy it was to see a sign with “Campbelltown exit – 1 km’’ on it. It always feels good to be home after being absent for some time. Lesson: you appreciate something a lot more when you part from it now and again. Or, holidays are good, but even better when they’re over and you can return to the place you belong. And then some of you may just think, the poor fellow, he’s had a long year or something. Well, maybe, but a little bit of reflection around this time of… Read more »

Dear Santa: we’d like an A-League licence for Christmas

Dear Santa: Time flies and here we are again as another Christmas approaches. I hope you are well and ready for your busiest time of the year. No doubt you know you have a lot of supporters out here, collecting gifts to make your job a little easier on December 24. All up, 2018 has been another interesting year, Santa. I don’t know if you’ve heard but we’ve got another Prime Minister here in the Lucky Country. Scott Morrison is the new man at the helm and the other day he had to explain to President Trump what had happened… Read more »

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Number one: Campbelltown Golf Course at Glen Alpine.

Get your golf clubs

OK, boys and girls, get your clubs out, we’re off to the golf course, but the question is, which one? We have plenty to choose from in south west Sydney, from Moorebank’s New Brighton to Picton’s Antill, and lots more in between. But we only have room for five, andRead more »


Here’s cheers to our pubs

This week we do a bit of bar hopping, sort of, in a responsible service of alcohol kind of a way. But seriously, when we say our top five pubs, we’re looking at the ambience, the food, the service, the whole shebang. The days of The Kontos Report just goingRead more »

One way is a slow way: Queen Street, Campbelltown

Traffic jams at every turn

In the second installment of our Top Five we look at the south west region’s busiest roads. Narellan Road, between Campbelltown and Narellan, wins hands down. It is a shocker, not just at peak times. It is undergoing widening, and not before time. But even when that’s completed it’s doubtfulRead more »

Coco Cubano

Our favourite coffee shops

  WE kick off our weekly series of Top Five by naming our top five coffee shops in the south west. ONE: Ristretto & Co, Northumberland Street, Liverpool – Surry Hills comes to the south west. Frank and his team have created a splendid little coffee joint that serves theRead more »

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