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What do you call sneezing and coughing at the same time?

When I sneezed and coughed at the same time a few days ago it occurred to me that there was no word to describe such a weird and in some ways amazing bodily function. So I started thinking what would be a good word to describe what just happened. Which is not easy to do when you have your head in a computer typing away, the TV is full of political upheavals and dinner needs to be cooked. But one thing led to another, including recalling words like photojournalist that describe someone who does two jobs or is at least… Read more »

Taking the passwords with us will only mean trouble for the living

While talking to one of my contacts earlier today, the conversation somehow went from how much the world is changing to online passwords. The obvious point was made that we have so many of them and it’s a struggle remembering them all, especially the ones which are required once in a blue moon. But as the man at the other end of the line pointed out, the real crunch will come for all of us when we croak – and take our passwords with us. It won’t be a problem for the one who croaks, of course, it never is… Read more »

Just one national day has a thong throwing competition, ours

Just one national day has a thong throwing competition, ours

It would be an interesting exercise to ask everyone to name at least five reasons why Australia Day on January 26 should be left alone. Having a day off work because it’s a public holiday would no doubt be on a lot of people’s lists, especially those who don’t have to go to work. Others would put our “national day’’ on the same sacred level as Fourth of July in the United States of America or Bastille Day in France 10 days later. Personally I am a bit uncomfortable with it, but not because January 26, 1788 pales into insignificance… Read more »

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New carparking around the Queen Street precinct

We must kick these goals: our prosperity depends on it

It is rather amusing to read some of the contradictory contributions from some members of the media. One minute it’s “hooray’’ because our university is expanding or a classy new suburb gets the green light. Then you choke on your muesli when they start blabbing about saving the environment, stoppingRead more »

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With this magic wand wishes come true at Christmas

Here we are now, barely a month before another Christmas Day. No point pondering where the year’s gone, better to look forward to the festive season. It’s a wonderful time of the year for most of us, a time when even wishes can sometimes come true. Children will sit onRead more »


Cup is time to have fun to the Max

We could not let the so called race that stops a nation go by without naming our Top 5 choices to do well in 2017. But let’s get the disclaimers out early on barrier one: we are the world’s worst punters and any horse we mention is not in anyRead more »


Have you taken the cabbage soup diet challenge?

I can still recall the disgusted looks on the faces of my colleagues who had taken the cabbage soup diet challenge. It was 15 years ago and losing weight quickly by eating cabbage soup was trending, as we’d say now. Luckily there was no social media or it would haveRead more »

Time to focus on the main street of our town.

Boom’s on the way so best to be prepared for it

Many small businesses get started from home. But eventually they will look to expand and move out of home, as it were. However, instead of going straight to an expensive office space, small or micro business as they are called these days, have the option of using a smart workRead more »


Hey kid, go fly a kite or ride a bicycle

Reading about Saturday’s cinema under the stars event at the botanic garden in Mt Annan got me thinking about what other activities from yesteryear we have discarded over the years. Open air theatres were a dime a dozen when I was growing up and it’s where many of us sawRead more »

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