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Peace in our time and other promises nobody should believe, PM

If anyone ever says to you: trust me, I’m a journalist, start running as fast as you can. And if anyone should know that is our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. In another life, our dear PM was indeed a working journalist, although “working’’ is stretching it a bit. So when the press gallery promised him that everything he did and say at the midwinter ball would be off the record, he should have known better. Another PM, a little more savvy about how the world really works, Paul Keating, chose the same function to make his infamous Placido Domingo knowing… Read more »

What’s in a place name: whatever you want to make it

We’re probably no different from any other country in the world, but we sure do have some funny place names across our wide brown land. I’ve just had to go through a large document in which many of our suburbs were named. (Sorry about the mystery but can’t say much more at this stage as it is a confidential project.) Not every suburb in Australia was named but there were enough there for a Top 5 of weird and wonderful place names. If seeing names like Pottsville, Yakamia, Cornubia, Tomahawk and Scone doesn’t put a wry smile on your face… Read more »

Sometimes better to just do it, instead of asking for report

Sometimes better to just do it, instead of asking for report

Cynical people would argue that when a government of any level opts for a “report’’ option it often means it’s just filing issues under the old “too hard basket’’. But it’s never that simple. If you read the story on moves to cull some of the reports requested by councillors over the past few years you will know that plenty of them are worthwhile. What’s more, there’s no doubt that some among the 44 pending reports should have just been implemented without the need to waste officers’ time to prepare a report. If you don’t believe me visit the council… Read more »

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amazing food on offer at this year's AnnanRoma festival this Sunday at Mt Annan Australian Botanic Garden

Delicious food’s the main game at this festival

The 10th AnnanRoma Food and Wine Festival is returning to the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan this Sunday, April 30. It was originally scheduled for April 2 but had to be postponed because of rain. With sunny weather forecast for this Sunday, spend the day (10am to 4pm) at Australia’s largestRead more »

Heritage buildings in Queen Street, opposite Campbelltown Mall

Five good reasons for preserving links with the past

If Campbelltown Council goes ahead tonight and approves plans to demolish the historic little St James Anglican church at Kent Street, Minto it will confirm once again our indifference to the past. It may not be the most elegantly designed church of all time but it is the oldest standing structureRead more »

goodies that will be available at the new "sweet street'' of AnnanRoma wine and food festival this Sunday

How sweet it is: Macarthur spoiled with festival fun

AnnanRoma food, beer and wine festival is on this Sunday at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan. It will come just a day after the close of another great Macarthur event, the Camden Show this Friday and Saturday. Yesterday the popular Kids of Macarthur bear and doll show was onRead more »

Irish breakfast on St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day: Irish breakfast goes well with a Guinness

On Wednesday, fellow called himself Aidan McLaughlin emailed me a press release about today’s St Patrick’s day celebrations at the Mercantile Hotel in the Rocks. Young Aidan said the entertainment today would include traditional Irish dancers and Irish bands and performers including Blackwater Band, Shaylee Wilde and The Soniks. AndRead more »

big statue of Fred Fisher's ghost

Have you heard of the big ghost statue in Campbelltown?

Well, it looks like we’re off to the polls next Saturday, March 18 for the Campbelltown byelection. It must be true because yesterday in my letterbox I found a reminder note from Labor’s federal representative, Dr Mike Freelander. “Voting is compulsory – don’t risk a fine, says the letter fromRead more »

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