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Tim Cahill’s World Cup exploits for the Socceroos top of the pops

The South West Voice in Macarthur is a bit of a sucker for our national sporting teams. From the Kangaroos to Socceroos and Wallabies, Kookaburras to Boomers, we love them all. These days there’s even more to follow and like because our national women’s teams in the various sports and football codes are, naturally, also very competitive. We’re as proud of the Matildas, the Jillaroos, the Diamonds, the Southern Stars, Opals and Hockeyroos as any of our men’s side. The more the merrier as far as we’re concerned. When it comes to national sporting teams, nobody does it better than… Read more »

Feeling in the air State of Origin glory days are coming back

Feeling in the air State of Origin glory days are coming back

For the first time in more than 20 years, a State of Origin is starting to feel a bit like it used to feel – something big’s on the way. Anyone over 30 would remember the days when Origin meant shop windows across Macarthur decorated with sky blue ribbons and NSW flags. In offices and factories across the land all the talk was about the looming battles between Paul “The Chief’’ Harragon and Trevor “The Axe’’ Gillmeister, Laurie Daley and Mal Meninga, Brad Fittler and Kevin Walters. Except when your team was in the grand final, Origin was much bigger… Read more »

Is it wrong to be shattered when your mechanic doesn’t say goodbye?

It’s not unreasonable to feel a little shattered when you walk into your mechanic’s workshop to hand over the keys to your car and there’s an unfamiliar face behind the counter. That’s how I felt as I walked away from my mechanic’s place this morning. Maybe shattered is too strong, but I certainly felt flat for a while after finding out the fellows who have been looking after all my cars, and those of my extended family, have given the game away. Which is fair enough, but for a little while I grappled with the nagging thought that they should… Read more »

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no bull.

Really love what we do, and that’s no bull

Maybe it’s the stories and functions we’ve covered so far in March, but we’ve heard a lot about steering the young people of Macarthur towards trades and away from university degrees. When you think about it there’s a persuasive argument behind it, a certain logic in overturning this idea thatRead more »

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