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Italians in Liverpool

Italians in Liverpool are cream of the crop

Except for the council, the most important movers and shakers of Liverpool are Italian-Australians, and thank God for that. The Greek-Australians of Liverpool think they run the town, but they don’t, they just own a lot of the commercial buildings in the bustling central business district. My old mate HarryRead more »


Playground design kids’ stuff

If you want to design a new playground in a park, who do you get to do the designs: young  people naturally.  So Year 5 and 6 students at Liverpool Public School will be presenting their designs for the new Bigge Park playground next Tuesday. Council’s building and recreation managerRead more »


Big Tony leads the westie celebrity pack

We don’t have too many nationally known celebrities, but one may be the self confessed “humble dairy farmer from Leppington, Tony Perich. Big Tony was featured on the front page of the national daily The Australian a couple of weeks ago, and described as Sydney’s first “westie” billionaire. But ifRead more »

Fisher's Ghost festival

Mayor says thanks for people power

As an example of people power, it was so successful it stopped plans for a 24-hour pub in Casula. But more than that, Liverpool mayor Ned Mannoun was so moved by sad stories of alcohol abuse and gambling from residents when he set up a mobile office in Casula earlierRead more »

Tabcorp Menangle on Saturday night.
Picture: Daniel Doherty

Maybe it’s time for a third opinion

If you seek a second opinion it’s because the first opinion from a doctor was about something fairly serious, generally speaking. Life and death, mostly, we submit, dear readers. But we couldn’t get this idea through to Councillor Clinton Mead after Campbelltown Council’s meeting last Tuesday, when he and CouncillorRead more »

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