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mayor George Brticevic and deputy mayor Meg Oates.

Forum to re-imagine Campbelltown with much bigger population

Picture some of Sydney’s most influential people in one room in the NSW Parliament discussing the role Campbelltown may play in the coming population explosion. The premier, Gladys Berejiklian, some of her ministers, opposition leader Luke Foley, Lucy Turnbull and several corporate big hitters will indeed be at the Re-imagineRead more »

The "tip'' is behind a small rise

Time we matched wits with the rubbish dumpers

It’s amazing how ingenious some people can be. No matter how complex the challenge, they will find a way. Sadly, ingenuity is not always put to good use. And that is why no square centimetre of beautiful, pristine bushland is safe from ingenious people who don’t have a hint ofRead more »

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