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How this organ donor recipient became a transplant trailblazer

Kevin Maggs has undergone three liver transplants since 2004 after contracting hepatitis C at the age of 19 following a blood transfusion.  The Gledswood Hills father has been a donor recipient trailblazer, with transplants now completed differently as a result of his experiences. The 57-year-old’s story is being highlighted duringRead more »


You want career in a trade, go for it, girl

Louise Azzopardi has a message for any young woman thinking of embarking on a career in a traditionally male domain like trades. “If that’s what you want to do, just do it and don’t let anything or anyone stop you,’’ she says. “If you work hard and you’re good atRead more »


Dumaresq Street tower to boost Campbelltown CBD

Plans for a $45 million tower in Dumaresq Street could be the game changer Campbelltown needs to grow its central business district. The 14 storey development was approved with three levels of commercial and 11 residential in December 2018 The developer has met with council and is in the processRead more »

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