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2018-02-10 20.55.08

Chance to discover the history of where we live

Most people take for granted the history and heritage of the place they call home. Checking out their own local area’s history is not a high priority – it can always be done another time in the future. But this also means a lot of people are ignorant of theRead more »


Victorious MPs send different messages to supporters

Winners are grinners: Labor MP Greg Warren with family and party supporters on election night. Both Labor MPs in Campbelltown won four more years and increased their majorities at Saturday’s NSW election. But Anoulack Chanthivong (Macquarie Fields) and Greg Warren delivered different messages after their impressive victories. Speaking to hisRead more »

2019-02-13 10.39.28

It’s time for action on urban heat

We have all been talking about how hot and humid late summer has been this year, but talk is cheap. Now we can actually take some action that could lead to a reduction in temperature levels. Residents can arm themselves with heat sensors as part of an arsenal of scientificRead more »

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