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ICU must be included in planning for the expansion of Campbelltown Hospital.

Why we must get a kids ICU at expanded hospital

It is a great comfort to know that children’s services will be substantially expanded once the $632 million Stage 2 redevelopment of Campbelltown is done and dusted in the next few years. Paediatric beds will almost triple from 22 to 60 and every year an additional 4,000 children will beRead more »


We want to catch a train to the airport in 2026

Let’s go forward in time to 2026 when planes are landing at Badgerys Creek international airport. Unfortunately, if current transport infrastructure plans are implemented only people who live along Sydney’s western rail line will be able to get on a train to go to the new airport. Anybody south ofRead more »

Macarthur must get an injection of public transport, including rail links to the new airport at Badgerys Creek

Bread and circuses is just stale satire

It is hard to fathom why any government in this day and age would go down the path of “bread and circuses’’. A quick online search by one of their thousands of public servants would have told them the truth about this old Roman saying. And the truth is thatRead more »

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