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Why abortion bill should be passed without any amendments

Moralistic arguments ought to be set aside and the NSW abortion bill should be passed without amendment, argues DR MIKE FREELANDER, the federal member for Macarthur: Until now I have restrained myself from commenting on the so-called “Abortion Bill” in the NSW Parliament as this is a state issue, hasRead more »


Message from voters: get on with the job of governing

After two big elections this year it’s clear that the message for elected governments was “get on with the job’’. It’s no coincidence that both here in NSW and in Canberra we re-elected conservative governments. There’s a message in there somewhere for our local councils in South West Sydney whichRead more »


Plague on both your houses

Bill Shorten Plenty of voters will be wishing they had more of a choice when they vote in the federal election on Saturday, May 18. Let’s be perfectly clear about this: when we say the two major parties stink it’s a comment on their head offices and not on individualRead more »

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