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Plague on both your houses

Bill Shorten Plenty of voters will be wishing they had more of a choice when they vote in the federal election on Saturday, May 18. Let’s be perfectly clear about this: when we say the two major parties stink it’s a comment on their head offices and not on individualRead more »

2016-07-02 17.46.40

Gaffes and magical promises we can have it all, NSW

It’s turning out to be quite an election, thanks to final week gaffes and other horrors from the frontline of campaigning. Michael Daley’s $3 billion TAFE shocker, combined with the leaking of his anti-Asian sentiments, have made the Labor party’s job of winning a little harder, but they haven’t reallyRead more »

2015-08-07 11.29.33

Brand Campbelltown: be careful what you wish for

Campbelltown has never looked better. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for; hearing that in a particular location in Sydney the powers to be were considering calling it a “recreational hub’’ a councillor from another area piped up: yep, that would be right, in that place aRead more »

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