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The Hume Highway between the Cross Roads and Campbelltown

Looking back without rose coloured glasses

Nothing concentrates the mind like being asked to give a speech about your memories of 20, 30 and 40 years ago. On May 4 I will be speaking about the local media and politics as part of Heritage Week in Liverpool. I started my newspaper career in Liverpool, and asRead more »

 To immunise or not to immunise

Most parents are sensible and immunise their children

Not too many parents ask the question: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. Most parents are sensible and when the time comes get their children immunised against measles and other preventable diseases. And that’s been the case for decades – and we’ve been better and healthier for it. But thereRead more »

St James Anglican Church at Minto.

Save our history – start with St James church in Minto

It’s not heritage listed, so let’s knock it down, even though it’s 120 years old. That’s the thinking on St James Anglican Church at Kent Street, Minto, which avoided permanent oblivion at Tuesday night’s council meeting. The owner of the site, and therefore the historic little church, the St JamesRead more »

Australia Day 2016

Why Australia Day is our Thanksgiving Day

Absolutely nothing is free of controversy these days and Australia Day is no exception. For some years now there have been protests from some members of Indigenous Australia and their supporters who call January 26 “invasion day’’. Well, it’s a free country and people can do and say what theyRead more »

Comedian Steve Martin deleted a tweet he wrote about Carrie Fisher after she died.

What a muddle: live and let die in 2017

The Steve Martin-Carrie Fisher imbroglio was a very appropriate way to finish off a muddled year – with a muddle. And I submit that muddled thinking is a fair way to describe not just the calendar year we have endured but any since 2005 or 2006. But let us firstRead more »

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