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Tess Danjoux.

The road ahead for motor accidents compensation in NSW

The motor accidents compensation scheme in NSW has been under the spotlight in recent years. The scheme, which provides compensation for persons injured on NSW roads, has been primed for change for many years. Personal injury specialist TESS DANJOUX* explains what it will mean once the State Government implements theRead more »

Social media

Think before you post on social media

  What we post on social media can sometimes have serious consequences. Marsdens Law Group lawyer NEVINE YOUSSEF offers some advice on when it may be better to bite your tongue. Often social media platforms such as Facebook are used to vent and express our feelings. It can be anRead more »

Nevine Youssef, Family Law accredited specialist

Don’t forget to pack holiday travel consent for the kids

Holiday travel consent for children – don’t forget to pack that too, writes Nevine Youssef, Family Law accredited specialist and partner at local firm Marsdens Law Group: Everything’s packed? You’re ready to go?  Family is excited?  Plane tickets?  Permission from the other side in relation to travel arrangements for theRead more »

Social Media Etiquette

Slipped up on social media?

Learn what social media etiquette is and why you should be concerned with it. How many times have you seen it. Someone doing something just plain stupid on their Facebook Profile or Instagram account? The whole mentality of “it’s my personal profile” not my business is flawed. I know IRead more »

10 networking tips for people who hate networking

Networking is a great way to generate more business, solve problems or make friends with like-minded professionals. But you’re not to sure what to do? You’ve been invited to a networking business event, better yet you’ve taken the initiative to go yourself. Don’t forget to take your business cards. ResearchRead more »

ConnectFX July 2014

ConnectFX a new way for businesses to inspire each other

Business owners in the Liverpool/Macarthur region have joined forces to create the next generation of business clubs, where the focus is on being inspired, learning and connecting. The club is called ConnectFX, has no membership fees, uses online technology to deliver content useful to its members and holds monthly events atRead more »

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