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Campaign challenges young people to lead by example when partying

Party Safe Home Safe campaign.

Challenge: Youth Solutions Youth Advisory Group members Lauren Payne, Samantha McAuley and Kassee Loomes promote the Party Safe Home Safe campaign.

Party Safe Home Safe will be the core message of the newest campaign by Youth Solutions.

The Macarthur and Wingecarribee youth drug and alcohol prevention and health promotion charity has once again joined forces with Campbelltown Catholic Club to challenge young people to lead by example during this summer’s festive season.

Party Safe Home Safe was launched on Friday morning in the Catholic Club and will be rolled out between now and January.

Aiming to make safer celebrating the social norm, the campaign encourages young people to take positive steps to make their end of year celebrations safe and memorable for the right reasons.

It also promotes the important role we each play in creating a community of safe celebrators.

Party Safe Home Safe marks the ninth social marketing health promotion campaign produced by Youth Solutions and Campbelltown Catholic Club since 2009.

The campaign will provide information, celebrating advice and relevant support to young people and the wider community, particularly through the interactive stalls at Campbelltown Catholic Club, local tertiary education institutions and community events.

Targeted at young people aged 18 – 25 years, the campaign focuses on the issue of youth binge drinking, encouraging young people to stick to their own limits and to be mindful of the impacts and consequences of binge drinking.

It challenges young people to consider having a good time without drinking alcohol or without drinking too much and to model this behaviour to their mates.

It also highlights the importance of planning ahead for a safe night out, with a focus on organising safe transport options to deter drink driving.

Party Safe Home Safe also raises awareness about basic emergency first aid and how to handle an emergency situation should one arise during a night out or while celebrating.

“Working on an annual campaign with Campbelltown Catholic Club is a highlight for our service and we are very excited to be rolling out the Party Safe Home Safe campaign,’’ says Youth Solutions chief executive officer Geraldine Dean.

“Campbelltown Catholic Club shares the passion that Youth Solutions has for supporting our young people and community,’’ she said.

Campaign coordinator Amanda Dillon said: “we know from research and local data that binge drinking remains an issue for our young people.

“As individuals we can be informed about the consequences of our actions, of binge drinking, and look at the ways we can keep ourselves safe,’’ Ms Dillon said.

“We can to look out for one another and respect each other’s limits. We can each start the trend by celebrating safely and setting an example for our peers.

“As part of the campaign Youth Solutions will distribute safer celebrations guides containing practical tips young people can follow to party safely.

“We will also have a campaign video that brings these points to life.

“Supporting our young people to celebrate safely and preventing them from alcohol or drug related harm is not just a goal for Youth Solutions, it is truly what drives our service and its work. This campaign really gives us a platform to inch closer towards that goal and will form an important cog in the wheel for preventing our young people from harm.

“It is our hope that this campaign helps our young people to party safe and get home safe every time they celebrate,” Ms Dillon said.

Campbelltown Catholic Club will provide free soft drink to all sober designated drivers on Friday and Saturday nights in December and January.

The campaign messages will also be shared on the Youth Solutions website and social media as well as through radio and newspaper media.

Campaign posters will also be displayed throughout the region and resource packs have been sent to all secondary schools in Macarthur and Wingecarribee.

 Party Safe Home Safe campaign launch

Campbelltown Catholic Club Management and directors with Youth Solutions President Rebecca Whitford (right) at the Party Safe Home Safe campaign launch on Friday.





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