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Camden Council’s dynamic new website hits the spot

Camden Council has launched what it says is a dynamic new website designed to connect customers with information and services quickly, easily and efficiently.

The look, function and navigation of the site have been developed to optimise the accessibility and user experience for Council customers.

“The website is council’s virtual customer service counter for the community for them to find out what is happening at council, how to get things done and to look up information at any time of the day or night,” says Mayor Lara Symkowiak.

“The clean, simple look of the site has been designed to meet a high standard of accessibility for people with visual impairments, language restrictions and responds to the technology being used to view it,” Cr Symkowiak said.

“The website connects the community to valuable information about activities, services policies and opportunities that impact upon their daily lives.

“We’ve reduced the council jargon and use terms that hopefully everyone will find helpful,” she said.

Each week, Camden Council has on average more than 500 enquiries at its Customer Service desks, 2,000 phone calls and 10,000 visitors to the website.

Visitors to the site will be prompted to provide feedback and rate their experience with an online survey.

Information gathered will be used to continually help refine and improve the site where possible.

Click here to visit the Camden Council website.


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