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Boom’s on the way so best to be prepared for it

Oran Park Podium

Oran Park Podium has a smart work hub on the third floor.

Many small businesses get started from home.

But eventually they will look to expand and move out of home, as it were.

However, instead of going straight to an expensive office space, small or micro business as they are called these days, have the option of using a smart work hub, a shared working environment.

This is a much less expensive option.

The nearest one to Campbelltown micro business is in Oran Park Town Podium, which has been very popular since it opened its doors a couple of years back.

It has high speed wi-fi, flexible work areas, meeting rooms and presentation facilities.

But it’s not that close to Campbelltown, the biggest business hub of the Macarthur region and obviously where most micro businesses come from.

A smart work hub will almost certainly be part of the proposed Campbelltown business park, but when this will become a reality is frustrating a lot of local business leaders.

There’s no doubt a population boom will arrive any time soon in Campbelltown, so the question is what should be the priorities for those responsible for both planning and rolling out the right infrastructure.

We don’t really know, so here’s our Top 5 priorities:

Number 1. As per above, a business park that includes a smart work hub close to the micro business owners of the area. We may even need two large business parks.

Number 2. Public transport, especially buses, to move people around the ever expanding central business district and region.

Number 3. A new road bridge over the railway line at Badgally Road to link it with Broughton Street.

Number 4. Extend Beverly Road from Warby Street and link it with Queen Street at Broughton Street as per the council plan.

Number 5.  Re-establish a main street working party to focus on the revitalisation of our iconic main street.

Time to focus on the main street of our town.

Time to focus on the main street of our town.





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