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Planning holiday activities pays off

The boss has told you to take some extra leave this Christmas to help the company reduce the pressure on the bottom line, and all you can do is say, no worries, chief, will do. But then you think, well, yes, that’s all well and good, but what am I actually going to do during… Read more »

party time

Festive season party time a test of stamina

Are you ready for the party season? No, not the festive season, the party season. That strange time of the year when you have more work than ever, especially if you are running your own business, and when you receive 10 times the invitations to parties you usually do. It’s almost like a weird twilight… Read more »

Express train service

Express train service push just the start, says Hadid

Liverpool Council will pull out all stops in a bid to win an express train service between Liverpool and Sydney City. Speaking at council’s November meeting last night, Liberal councillor Mazhar Hadid said the service between Liverpool and the city was now slower by more than 10 minutes than it was when the railway line… Read more »


Playground design kids’ stuff

If you want to design a new playground in a park, who do you get to do the designs: young  people naturally.  So Year 5 and 6 students at Liverpool Public School will be presenting their designs for the new Bigge Park playground next Tuesday. Council’s building and recreation manager spoke to them about four… Read more »

Top Five heroes

My heroes, from Captain Cranky to Steve Jobs

We all have heroes, some of us quite a few, and they range from our fathers/mothers to a work mate to historicasl figures, sport stars or even, heaven’s above, politicians. I gotta tell you, when you sit down to name just five of the people who have inspired you in some way or another, the… Read more »

party time

Time we gave graffiti artists the flick

What’s the answer to graffiti? Well, don’t ask me, because I’m in the other camp. That’s the camp that’s also got all the people who think we’re wasting our time – and a stack of our taxes – fighting drugs. And let me remind you that not a single one of us is saying we… Read more »


Ghosts taught batting lesson, Lions hang on

The Lions managed to hang on to win their round four match against Gordon at Chatswood, but the Ghosts just couldn’t stop the avalanche of runs which set up a comprehensive victory for Sydney University at Raby Sport Complex on Saturday. So after four rounds, the two local grade cricket club are both two from… Read more »

art prize

Paramor art prize winner to pocket $20,000

A new art prize of $20,000 has been named after the celebrated female artist Wendy Paramor, who spent part of her life in Liverpool. The inaugural Paramor prize: Art + innovation is part of a range of new annual art awards in Liverpool which start from early in 2015. A $5,000 Mayoral Award will also… Read more »


Big Tony leads the westie celebrity pack

We don’t have too many nationally known celebrities, but one may be the self confessed “humble dairy farmer from Leppington, Tony Perich. Big Tony was featured on the front page of the national daily The Australian a couple of weeks ago, and described as Sydney’s first “westie” billionaire. But if you met the big fella,… Read more »

Top Five

You get to choose one country from each continent

You’ve won first prize with the InterGalacticTours raffle you bought at that cocktail party where you had a little too much sauvignon blanc and completely forgot all about the 10 tickets you bought. Now you have received an email telling you first prize is an all-expenses paid trip to five countries, one in each continent…. Read more »

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