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Anti ice campaign in NSW could be operating out of Campbelltown

The Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) could be based at Campbelltown when it expands to NSW.

AAIC was formed in 2015 by former addict Andrea Simmons to fight the scourge of the drug methamphetamine, which is better known as ice.

The not for profit organisation presently operates in
Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

It now wants to expand to NSW and has written to Campbelltown Council for assistance to get established.

“Help to find us an office space. From here we would establish a local government and business network across Sydney and NSW,’’ says Angela Barnard, the team leader for the NSW AAIC.

In a letter sent to the mayor and councillors, Ms Barnard says AAIC was founded to educate and raise awareness of the dangers of ice.

“Our AAIC website will serve as a hub providing information exposing ice facts, rehabilitation and crisis centres and other helpful sources including family support services and church ministries.
“It will also provide positive testimonies from ex addicts proving that all hope is not lost and that there is help out there for ice  users and people who are willing and want to help to curb this devastating addiction.
“Our vision is to have AAIC in every community in Australia including every high school, workplaces, prisons and emergency service departments to teach on the dangers of ice addiction.

“Our aim is to expose the truth about ice by bringing a proven role model program into our schools and community to educate our nation about this highly addictive drug,’’ Ms Barnard said in the letter to council.

AAIC ambassadors work with high schools, clubs and organisations trained in AAIC’s brief intervention training and support, to equip them with the tools and the skills to identify those at risk and to provide intervention and access to AAIC support services.

Brief intervention for people struggling to get off ice, family support for people dealing with a loved one using ice and community outreach are also part of the anti ice campaign offered by AAIC.

  • The South West Voice in Macarthur tried to contact Ms Barnard for further comment but she had not yet responded to our calls.

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