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Alvin Goh: fellowship in honour of inspirational eye surgeon

Liverpool Hospital cataract surgeons who worked alongside the inspirational Dr Alvin Goh have donated their own money to purchase a Pentacam, a diagnostic machine used during eye checks.

 The ophthalmology department invited Dr Goh’s family to a special event to honour the man who was passionate about his patients and loved training future eye surgeons.

 Cataract surgeon Anne Lee said Dr Goh was innovative and played an enormous role in training future ophthalmic surgeons.

“He imparted his knowledge to nursing staff, medical students and allied health professionals. He was admired, valued and appreciated,” Dr Lee said.

Alvin Goh joined Liverpool Hospital in 1999 as an ophthalmologist, later becoming head of department until he died in early 2018.

 His free time was dedicated to his wife and family, church and charity. He was heavily involved in delivering eye care to people in disadvantaged parts of China, and committed to this for 18 years.

In his honour: Liverpool Hospital cataract surgeons and members of the family of the inspirational Dr Alvin Goh.

Goh was chairman of the non-profit organisation, ChinaVision.

 “He was very humble and one of the best surgeons,” Dr Lee said.

The $50,000 Pentacam provides information about corneal status for certain diseases, particularly where there is abnormal thinning or curvature of the eye.

 “It helps us confirm whether someone needs a special lens implant which would improve their overall vision. It is very good at monitoring if corneal disease is advancing in a patient,” she said.

 Dr Lee said in addition to the Pentacam, they wanted to think bigger.

Through the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Opthalmologists (RANZCO), they were able to secure a grant to start the Alvin Goh Opthalmology Fellowship.

“In honour of Alvin’s leadership, mentorship, compassion and contribution, the department agreed unanimously to support a fellowship position at Liverpool Hospital in his honour,” Dr Lee said.

 With support from South Western Sydney Local Health District chief executive Amanda Larkin and Liverpool Hospital surgery director Professor Les Bokey, the fellowship will enable an accredited registrar to operate and see patients independently.

 “It is really lovely to honour Alvin for everything he did for Liverpool, its patients and staff,” Dr Lee said.

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